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As one of the most innovative and economical flooring options available today, polished concrete flooring is leading the market in warehouse, retail, and decorative facilities across the nation.

From showrooms to industrial plants, government buildings to retail facilities, dry-polished concrete floors are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing phenomena to ever hit the industry. Polished concrete is a mechanical grind and polish process that utilizes industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish & finally seal the floor.

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Polished Concrete is a long lasting maintenance free finish that can harden the actual surface of your concrete floor, eliminating the need for coatings and sealers. There is no need for the additional costs of replacing floor coverings when you have a polished concrete floor. This is just one of the environmentally friendly aspects of polished concrete floors. Polished concrete can be stained to match any decor, providing extremely long lasting value and beauty.


Up until recent years hardwood flooring, carpet, vinyl, and tile have been the most popular flooring options for homeowners. However, more and more people are now becoming familiar with the beauty of concrete polishing and realizing not only how magnificent these floors can look in their homes but also how easy they are to maintain and make the occasional repair. We have all seen how these shiny floors in large retail and grocery stores have become the new flooring choices for home owners as well. There's much more to concrete than just pouring it and once you start to consider this beautiful flooring option, you will be amazed at the choices it gives you!

Grinding concrete is an option when you want to place different patterns and designs on your concrete floor. This can be done very easily and can add a lot of beauty to areas such as pool decks and patios when you are looking for something a little different. Concrete grinding can also add interest to a concrete floor laid within your home. With some simple concrete grinding you can have your concrete floors looking nearly identical to tile flooring. The only difference you'll find is that they are shinier, smoother, and easier to take care of!

Concrete acid staining is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your concrete floors as well by adding color to the floor. With this type of enhancement, the acid stain is scrubbed onto the floor and when the floor is dry, the concrete is a beautiful color. This can be an easy or a difficult job so for certain projects, a professional may need to be called. One of the greatest advantages with acid staining concrete is that the stain will find all of the different variations in the floor and will pick up on the floor's natural beauty.

Polished Concrete Floor Pictures

Alabama Stained Concrete Alabama Stained Concrete
Birmingham, AL Stained Concrete Alabama Stained Concrete
Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete
Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete
Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete
Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete Birmingham, AL Polished Concrete


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