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Welcome to Birmingham Decorative Concrete

Concrete designs are one of the hot new trends for concrete patios, concrete floors, entryways, countertops, pool decks and more. From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning, stained concrete floor, the attractionis continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete for decorating.

Concrete is no longer plain, grey and boring, it is now thought of as a beautiful decorative element.

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Satisfied customers are the heart of any business. Our goal is to have every customer 100% satisfied with a decorative concrete or stamped concrete solution from Birmingham Decorative Concrete. We know that by making this commitment to all of our customers our name will travel, our business will grow, and ultimately prosper. You benefit by working with the company that is focused on making you one of our success stories.


Decorative Concrete FAQS

Q: What is the difference between stamped concrete and a decorative concrete overlay?

A: A decorative concrete overlay is just that; it is a highly durable thinset layer of hybrid polymer concrete that overlays an existing patio, floor, foyer, driveway, or sidewalk, whereas stamped concrete is a completely new pour of concrete where a pattern is stamped into the concrete.

Q: What is the difference in cost between decorative concrete overlays and stamped concrete?

A: Decorative concrete overlays are a much more cost effective way to create value and beauty inside or outside of your home. Because the overlay goes over existing concrete there is no expensive tear-out, grading, or excavation.

Q: How durable is a decorative concrete overlay?

A: Generally speaking it has twice the strength of concrete. A concrete mixture designed to yield 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) will yield over 6,000 psi if modified by an acrylic polymer additive. It will double the strength of any concrete mix design.

Q: What if I have an existing crack in my concrete surface already?

A: All American Decorative Concrete has developed various systems for repairing and restoring concrete surfaces and structures, including a crack repair system, that, collectively, has evolved into a variety of decorative coatings and patterns for pool decks, patios, driveways, garage floors as well as heavy-duty industrial applications for warehouse floors and parking garages. However as a general rule if the crack in your concrete is thicker then a a credit card you may want to consider a stamped concrete option.

Q: What is the decorative concrete overlay made of?

A: All American Decorative Concrete coatings are made up of a variety of components but the backbone of the system is a Polymer Modified Concrete base that promotes a high bond strength and extreme durability.

Q: What is Polymer Modified Concrete?

A: Polymer Modified Concrete is a concrete mixture (meaning it has cement, sand and aggregate) that has been modified with acrylic polymer additives to give it high strength and exceptional bonding properties.

Q: What can a Decorative Concrete Overlay be applied to?

A: Most systems can be applied to concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and stone. You can generally be applied to any stable surface regardless of its composition. In other words, you can bond to almost anything.

Q: in what weather can a decorative concrete overlay be applied?

A: Warm weather is the best for application as it will have a faster curing time. However, all systems can be applied in most any weather (except direct rain).

Q: Does Birmingham Decorative Concrete own a patent for these systems?

A: No. Decorative concrete and stamped concrete technology has been around for some time. Birmingham Decorative Concrete adds value with professional installation and service along with a quick turn around and competitive price. In many cases we can do this much cheaper than you would be able to do yourself.

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